March 19, 2012


I have been attending this annual show by the Guangdong Hui Guang for a few years. I have seen many of the artistes (students) perform before. I would say that they have made much improvement. On the whole I think the show was pretty good.

The president of the association's management board gave the welcome address. Towards the end you might feel as if you were at an election rally. He praised the Government saying that it has done a good job running the Country and making the street safe. He said that in the earlier days secret society gangsters roamed the streets in Chinatown.

The Guest was MP Alex Yam Ziming (
国会议员任梓铭). In a short speech in Cantonese he said he came into being because of Cantonese opera. One day, 65 years ago, his grandfather went to see an opera show. He not only saw the opera, he also saw the girl that would later become Alex's grandmother. It was love at first sight. They got married and produced six children, one of which was Alex's father.

By the way, the MP came with his wife who is very pretty.

A gift for the opera teacher

Sitting, from left - 郭建华, 戚超群

one of the opera excerpts : 游龙戏凤 - 黃財, 郭媚

A few members of the Management board (会馆董事) also sang. They were entertaining. They sang well too and not only sang, some got action somemore..

Hainanese song 久久相见才有味 - 李亚丰

Cantonese oldie 热带情歌 - 成翼冲

笑看风云 - 廖康枝 (I thought he looks a bit like Donald Tsang, HK's Chief Executive)

何国才(会长), 戚超群, 任梓铭(国会议员), 郭建华

戚超群, 郭建华

A few of the performers - 郭媚, 黃財, 戚超群, 何兰, 欧月仙

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