March 29, 2012

Transient beauty

One day I stumbled upon a photo which gave me quite a shock. It also provides much food for reflection. It was a photo of a former Shaw's kung-fu star at his senior age. He is Wang Yu (汪禹). I am not his fan but my image of him has always been a good-looking young man.

You heard of the Cantonese saying 同人唔同命?

This Wang Yu (汪禹) has a different fate from the famous kung-fu star of the One-armed Swordsman fame, Wang Yu (王羽). His film career was not as successful. He seldom did the lead role in his films. According to information, his life after his film career was quite a distress. And he was addicted to drugs. He died at the young age of 53.

In Buddhist philosophy all things are transient. Nothing is permanent. That includes youth and beauty.

Here are 3 sets of photos showing three stars in their prime years and in their senior years.

Brigitte Bardot, a famous sex starlet. I have not seen any of her films.

Hong Xian Nu (紅線女), the Cantonese opera diva. I have not seen her perform opera in person.

This is Wang Yu (汪禹).

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