April 12, 2012

Ministers' pay again ?

Last Sunday I was at the market. Some men were selling newsletters. I had a glance at the top headline. It is about ministerial pay. So I see they were from a political party. But why are they still harping on the issue.

We all know that there is no formula that will satisfy everyone. Even if we have a few formulae or options and let people vote, the one selected may not get the support of 50% of Singaporeans, just like in the presidential election. .

I guess whatever formula the committee comes up with and the government accepts it, opposition parties will oppose as they cannot be seen by their supporters to be agreeing with the government. But why couldn't they wait and see how it goes as there will be a review after 5 years.

Later a man seemed to be arguing about this with one of the sellers whom I think was a candidate in the last General Elections.

No one asked me to buy. Otherwise I would like to ask them why not wait and see how things work out first.

On second thought, maybe they think a by-election is coming and their party intends to contest, so they try to use old issues to work up sentiments.

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