April 09, 2012

the tiger's mouth

There is a Chinese saying 馬路如虎口. It means the road is like the tiger's mouth. So when we cross the road we should pay attention to the task that we are doing, that is crossing the road. We should not fiddle with some gadget or engage in another task that divides our attention. Even when we have the right of way, we should also be careful. There are drivers who are careless or inattentive.

I have been careless before. Luckily I did not cause injuries to anyone, only to my own vehicle.

In Singapore, I think the roads are not very wide. You can cross them within 30 seconds if you walk briskly.

In some cities in China, Macau for example, many drivers don't stop for pedestrians to cross at pedestrian crossings which are not at traffic-light junctions. You have to wait for the road to be clear or you have to hurry or dash across when the traffic is not too heavy or you can try crossing, hoping the drivers would stop for you.

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