April 16, 2012

save Rediffusion?

No one is going come up with $30000 every month to save Rediffusion. Those who want to save Rediffusion should subscribe to it and persuade their friends to do so. But would people subscribe to Rediffusion just for sentimental or nostagic reasons? Even if they do, how long can it last?

I am one of those who grew up with Rediffusion. Here is one memorable scene I have .....

It was evening. My father, just returned from work, was sitting in the hall. There was no television set. He was listening to Lee Dai Sor narrating the story of The Condor Heroes on Rediffusion. My mother, clad in sam foo and wearing wooden clogs, was in the kitchen preparing dinner. She was more interested in Cantonese opera than wu xia stories. My sister was reading a movie magazine. My younger siblings were amusing themselves with their own games. Some hens which we reared were strolling in the backyard. I was also listening to Lee Dai Sor.

Now? I would feel nostalgic but I would not enjoy Rediffusion as much as I did in my earlier years. The circumstances and backdrop are not the same anymore.

I also liked the slots where they broadcast Cantonese opera and Cantonese opera songs. There were other programmes that I used to listen to, like the story-telling by Tang Kei Chan, a man who could speak in different voices including male and female as well as old people and young children. Once there was a slot called Midnight strange tales that I liked. It is something like incredible tales, about ghosts and the supernatural.

Lee Dai Sor is no more around. Nowadays you can listen to Cantonese opera and songs from other sources. Cantonese shows are also readily available in other media. I guess it is the same for other dialects.

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