February 12, 2007


A journalist wrote in a commentary that the ban on the sale of sand might not be a bad thing altogether. Who knows, we could come up with new sand just as we produced new water.

We also got new land – reclaimed land.

Exciting news – Singapore gearing up for a population of 6.5 millions in 20 years. Plans for housing, recreation and transport will be drawn up. Since we do not produce enough babies, I suppose the majority of the new people will come from other countries. They become our ‘new citizens’.


Victor said...
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Victor said...

True blue son-of-the-soil Singaporeans are naturally concerned about whether such new citizens will share the same privileges, e.g. in buying the 'subsidised' HDB-flats and other benefits for citizens. If so, will new male citizens be required to put in 'sacrifices' like performing NS as we did?