February 18, 2007


My friend Victor made this comment in one of the posts:

Frannxis, what's the "If I support Empty Paras" thing doing in your post?

I was quite puzzled and didn't know what he was referring to until I visited my blog in a friend's computer today. Then I saw this 'if !supportEmptyParas' or something like that after almost every paragraph. My computer does not have this problem.

I don't know how it came about.

So, friends, if that comes up in your screen just ignore it.


Victor said...

Ah, you finally realised what I was talking about.

Have a Happy Chinese New Year, Frannxis.

amai said...

Yes, I saw that too.

LISE said...

Hello Frannxis!
I do have the same problem with "if I support Empty Paras" and I delete them manually. How have you solved it?