February 23, 2007

Unfriendly acts

I was thinking of writing about our neighbours’ unreasonable accusations and unfriendly acts like using sand to put pressure on us or blaming us for their floods. But this would require searching for facts, looking through the back news….better leave it to the journalists.

I don’t believe in trying to please or appease another country. Cooperate with them, help them if possible such as when they have disasters like floods and earthquakes but don’t expect any favour or even gratitude. Just help like you would help anyone in difficulties.

I think some politicians don’t believe in a win-win deal. As long as the other side loses they don’t mind even if they lose more.


Victor said...

That's the downside of being a small prosperous country with no natural resources but only human ones. It very naturally becomes their whipping boy. Sometimes they play politics of distraction - so that their own citizens are distracted from their own problems at home. Politics is dirty business.

Anonymous said...

Aiyah, don't waste time writing about them lah. At the rate they are going, they may not even last till the next election. The (Thai) King will probably ask them to balek kampong.

As for the other neighbour .. they have always been like that and will continue to be like that. Only thing that can shut them up is to use us $$$ to "chut chu" their mouth as we like to say in Cantonese.