February 28, 2007

Reminiscences - school subjects

I think you seldom hear people praise maths.

Maths is a lovely subject.

It was my favourite subject in school.

In pre-u the maths was more interesting. I enjoyed drawing graphs with beautiful curves from trigonometric equations (the types with sin x, cos x…..). I also liked to solve problems in applied maths (things like calculating velocities and resolving forces). And I find calculus, a important branch of pure maths, fascinating too.

As for the subjects I disliked …..

In lower sec it was History, in upper sec it was Literature (didn’t take History) and in pre-u it was Chemistry, especially Organic Chemistry.

These subjects have something in common – they require you to memorize a lot of facts.

What about English?

I treated it as an important subject. I put in good effort but there was little love or enthusiasm. My view is that if you write simple sentences with few grammatical errors you will get a credit. I got interested in English only when I was in sec 4.

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Lam Chun See said...

I think History is a wonderful and imp subject. But trouble is during our time, it was not well taught and so we hated it. My favourite subject was literature.

Anonymous said...

i like history of the world.. too bad i was not interested then and took geography..

i like to read about nazis and the holocaust.. and abt the russian history.. very enriching

Anonymous said...

My sec 2 history lessons were also a boring thing...the teacher just called us to read aloud the passages and told us to underline this and that and then to copy the underlined parts in our ex books.

Yes, History is enriching and holds valuable lessons for us. I only got interested in it after leaving school. It was then that I also read about the holocaust, the Vietnam war, the japanese invasion etc

Victor said...

But Maths requires you to remember a lot of formulas too. Hence it is passion that makes all the difference.

Kongming said...

i like China history n maths