August 19, 2007

Just some thoughts on the ND show

I like to watch the marching contingents of the armed forces and the police. It is quite exhilarating to see them in straight rows marching proudly in unison and swinging their arms shoulder-high. As all NS men know it takes many many many hours of drills to perfect this.

I also like the special displays by the air, land and sea forces

Organizing and presenting the National Day Show is a formidable and stressful task involving massive planning, organizing and coordinating work and requires enormous resources. We are all very grateful to the people involved including the participants for the great show.

You know, our ND show seems to be more and more spectacular every year. I am just wondering if we will ever go back to having simpler, solemn celebrations, less spectacular and fewer dazzling items. If we do I think there will people who will be disappointed. But there will also be people who will be glad. One possibility it will happen is if the economy is not doing well and people are having a hard time.


Kongming said...

i wont fail to watch the parade every yr except the yr which the commander gave wrong command.

Victor said...

Yes, our government is very generous when celebrating our ND. As LKY said, we could have used the money for fireworks to build another community club but since the people wanted the former, we continue to have it.