August 03, 2007

Opera day @ Kreta Ayer C C

29 July 2007 (afternoon show and night show)

Presented by artistes from the Kreta Ayer CC Cantonese Opera Troupe, the Performing Arts Group from Bishan Residents' committee third division and the Yew Meng Sing Cantonese opera Troupe from Hong Kong. Actually the HK troupe had only two adults and five young ones performing.

See if you recognize anyone you know. Click on photo to enlarge. The three performers squatting in front are youngsters 12-13 years of age The two girls are quite tall. The sheng in the blue costume and the dan on his right are from HK. The dan is the leader of the HK troupe.

This is Chan Mei Yin, leader of the Kreta Ayer COT and chief organizer of the event. She sang a song and performed one excerpt, both very well done .

These two kids sang part of a song. So cute, I just asked them to stand for me to take a picture and they put up this pose.

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