August 17, 2007

The South Korean hostages

The Teleban militants in Afghanistan freed 2 female South Korean Hostages. Did you read this news a few days ago. This is what the Teleban said “for the sake of good relations between the Korean people and the Teleban”. …...After they had kidnapped the people and killed two of them !? Utmost rubbish !!!

I hope these people will be boiled in oil when they go to hell.

But I have misgivings about what these Koreans (church group volunteers) were doing. They were doing good but it was reported that they were irresponsible. My view is that in the beginning they shouldn't have gone to that country. It is a Muslim country and is at war.

And they give a big problem to their government and other people. Maybe they thought nothing would happen to them as God would protect them. But I believe God helps those who help themselves and God will not protect you if you are reckless and irresponsible.

Now they are pleading for help, no more the brave and fearless. If they had said ‘We do not wish to die but we also do not want any Government to give in to their demands as it will means more kidnapping and more deaths’, their countrymen would be very proud of them.
And I think the chance of being released was also higher as these murderers saw that they couldn’t gain anything by holding them or killing them. Then they would release them on the pretext of
“for the sake of good relations between the Korean people and the Teleban”. Hahaha, just some optimistic thinking.

I feel they will be released.


Victor said...

Even if they are released now, they would have been detained for about a month. I can't imagine the slow mental torture and suffering that the captives are enduring, not knowing what their fate will be. It is the same for their families.

Anonymous said...

I also felt the same as frannxis; knowing very well that it was a muslim country and going there under the banner of a church group was being very insensitive. I beleive that people who want to go to that country must be prepared that they may never return home alive.