November 02, 2007


I read a handbook. It says God always answers prayers. But, the answer is not just 'yes'. It can be Yes, No, Not yet or Here is something else for you. Well, anyway isn't it heartening to know that God listens to us.

In a previous post I said God didn't answer my prayer. I was wrong then. He did, only that his answer was no. Haha, he wanted me to go through the experience of giving a speech and to overcome my phobia.

Those of you who believe in God, be it in Taoism or Hinduism or any other religion, take comfort that there are good reasons if you don't get what you pray for. It is meant for your own good. Or it could mean that the time is not right yet. You might even get something better.

And when unfortunate things happen, it might not be a bad thing altogether. Heard of this Chinese proverb
塞翁失马. A misfortune may be a blessing in disguise.

Even if you have no religious belief, this way of thinking is quite helpful. It makes you more optimistic and cheerful. And when you are cheerful, you also look more radiant and attractive.

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