January 31, 2008

Islamic laws

I was thinking a bit about two news items last week:

1. A 70+ Malaysian man who had been paralysed for the past 2 years died. He was buried as a Muslim, against the wish of his wife and family who are Buddhists, because the Court overseeing Muslim affairs said he had converted to Islam before his death.

So you see, non-Muslims can also be affected by Islamic laws.

2. The PAS (the opposition Islamic party in Malaysia which rules the state of Kelantan) said non-Muslims would benefit if Islamic laws (which includes cutting off limbs and stoning) are implemented in the state because these laws will only be applied to Muslims.

I say it is not so simple. The PAS wants people to believe that just have 2 sets of laws and everything will be fine. As if there are 2 distinct groups that don't mix - one group of Muslim criminals/offenders and victims and the other group of non-Muslims.

If a case involves both Muslim and non-Muslims, wouldn't it be very messy.

Then, Islamic laws are bias against women. I remember reading some news that in a rape case, the woman has to produce four male witnesses. I wonder how any rape victim would be able to do that. Again If it involves Muslims and non-Muslims.....

All this can cause resentment and racial tension.



Victor said...

In Malaysia, everything boleh. Just look at the spate of scandals surfacing recently.

Kongming said...

correct me if i am wrong.

sg n msia have 2 set of laws. the difference is sg law apply to all except from those mention in muslism act.
in msia, muslism act is above all.

Anonymous said...

I think you are right.