August 18, 2008

Car number

It was a company's annual staff dinner. There was a game in which questions related to the company were asked. Of course got prizes, otherwise who would want to answer, right? The question for the second prize was an easy one ...

'What is the number of Mr Koo's car?' the compere asked, pointing to the beaming Mr Koo, Boss of the company, sitting at the front table.

There were excited voices around the small cosy function room. A sweet young lady was the first to raise her hand.

2163, she said confidently.

Not correct, Miss Huang, the compere said. You have also to say the letters at both ends of the number. Mr Koo would be disappointed if you couldn't identify his car correctly.

It was Miss Huang who was disappointed. She only remembered the S. Another two persons tried but they got the last letter wrong. ... Finally a gentlemen gave the correct answer.

Haha, more than 50 employees but not many knew the complete number of the boss's car.

Hee hee, maybe Miss Huang won't get her bonus.


Anonymous said...

The compere really know how to
polish shoes. Of all games, this
is a cheap skate one.

Victor said...

What a coincidence! The boss also has my surname? Are you sure? :)

To be fair, people usually don't take note of the letters before and after the car number - because they have no use for buying 4D mah. :)

Anonymous said...

Hahaha, no lah, I just made use my visitors's names.

I think you are aware, 2163 was the number tag of the Olympic 100m winner.

Victor said...

Usain Bolt, you mean? No, I didn't know because I don't follow the Olympic events, except the recent "must-watch" historic table tennis fight for Gold.

But luckily with the Internet, information is always searchable at your fingertips.

You mean 2163 was also the number of your previous boss' car? Are you sure? Haha.