May 27, 2009


I saw this word in Victor's post. I had only a vague idea what it means, so like a dutiful pupil I looked up the dictionary. Not online dictionary but in the thick Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English which I bought many years ago. It says, plagiarize - to take words or ideas of another person and use them in your own work but without stating that they are not your own.

Some people put up a quiz if they are too busy and have no time to think of what to post. But putting up a quiz is also not easy, you must have the information first and then organize it. I think an easier way is to copy pictures from other sites and post them in your blog. Copying pictures is not 'plagiarize', is it?

This is what I'm doing now, here are two pictures I like ...

A cute SIA girl but I don't know which flight she is on. (This picture is from Shanice's blog. Her blog has a lot of nice pictures of kids.)

Having fun (Can't remember where this picture from)


YP said...

The Chinese Opera Institute will be organising a talk by Ding Fan (on the new opera "Dong Bor Yu Jiu Wan") on 02.06.09 7.30pm at The Esplanade Library. Admission is FOC.

COI, tel : 62226551

fr said...

Thanks for the information

Victor said...

Oh, so if you state the source of the idea/information, it is not consider plagiarizing? Thanks for telling me, Fr. I didn't know that.

Now I've got more ideas. :-)