May 11, 2009


前情如夢 - 葉幼琪


Lion City said...
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Anonymous said...

Lion City Steve Say
I want to tell Jeong Mun Dun i felt lonely and scared and Sad When nobody around me. It seems i loved her as a real sister. She is the best i think. Could you ask her can i have a hug from her?

When i want to see Lam Kah Seng show in san francisco the ticket ran out of ticket so i could see those show lived performance.


Lion City said...


Please delete my previous message, thank you.

YP said...

Rumours about JMD are flying around in GZ, HK and even Singapore.

I just found this article:

I hope it is just a rumour as JMD is such a good CO artiste. She is almost perfect in looks, singing and acting. I can't think of another "fa dan' who can match her.

That is just my opinion.

Anonymous said...

I wish yip yau kei will do a performance with hua dan ngai wai ying from the guangzhou trouped when both have time. I never see this happend.