May 19, 2009

Marine Parade CC Cantonese Opera Club

Some photos from the Sunday show at the Marine Parade Community Club. The MPCC Cantonese Opera Club presented two shows, Saturday & Sunday, both in the afternoon. Huang Fei is the leader of the Opera Club.

I didn't take any photos during the show. The first two photos were taken when the two artistes came out to the public area during interval.

李宋婷 Li Song Ting

何珍妮 as 夫人, 李宋婷 as 紅娘, He Zhen Ni and Li Song Ting

End of show, the two of them are standing in the centre.

劉滿鑽 and 裴俊斐 who performed 對花鞋; the lady in the middle is 黃妃.

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