September 06, 2009

Saturday adventure

Saturday afternoon, People's Park Complex
I went to level 3 and was surprised to see so many units doing foot reflexology or something related to health. It looked like business was good too. They are for both males and females. I have never done foot reflexology before so I don't know how it feels.

Business was very good at this Mr Lim's. When I lingered outside, a woman approached me and asked if I wanted a foot massage. I asked her must wait or not. She said yes, must queue. I said never mind I come next time. She said weekends 1 to 5 are their peak periods and asked me to come after 5.

Later as I was about to leave the complex, I saw 3 police vans and a police patrol car at the rear of the building. A crowd had gathered across the road to watch. There was excitement in the air. I asked a man in the crowd what was happening. He said the police were catching women soliciting in the area. I asked him where the women were. He said in the vans already. (Actually I meant to ask him where we can find the women.) Then the police vehicles started to leave. Too bad, I missed all the action.

As I was walking along New Bridge Road, I saw another massage and foot reflexology shop. I think it is at level one. A woman was standing below the staircase.

I went on to Kreta Ayer People's Theatre . There was a seminar going on inside the Theatre. There were two Malay women wearing white headscarves at the door. I think the seminar was organized by some Malay society.

When I was leaving Kreta Ayer CC, which is next to the Theatre, I saw this car parked beside a temporary wall. I think it was quite risky. Some workers were behind the wall digging the earth on the slope. The wall did not look very secure. What if it falls down and damage the car. Who is going to pay for the repairs? There were 3 prominent warning signs on the wall.


Victor said...

I think it is dangerous for an elderly man to roam Chinatown alone for an adventure. Luckily, nothing much happened this time. :p

yg said...

fr, seems like most of the actions have now shifted to chinatown because of the many raids at geylang. the other day when i went down to geylang, no one came to whisper in my ear or to pull my hand and i found out that the rates have gone up.
like that, chinatown will also become strangely quiet soon.

fr said...

Vic, no one needs to feel unsafe if he is not doing anything illegal. It is a safe pace, nobody is going to harm you.

Yg, I think you are mistaken. I go Chinatown to see opera show not unfrequently and so walk about the area for dinner and shopping. The vice activity is hardly noticeable if you are not actually looking for it. It is not blatant or outrageous. I think the police raid once in a while to show they are keeping a watch so as to contain it and not let it spread.

peter said...

One time I was waiting for a bus outside People's Park Center (or Complex), the one after Upper Cross Street where there is a bank. This PRC woman (handbag udner armpit) kept tailing me when I told her "wah pu ker yi chiang putong wah....". Wah piang! the rates started to drop.....They hangout at the MRT underpass in front of the former Majestic Cinema.

I was told that in Mosque Street (or Temple Street) across the MRT underpass, there is also male massage (of a different kind). Sometimes we need to close an eye otherwise Singapore becomes colourless. It's up to an individual whether you want to sought for such things.

peter said...

The term "unsafe should be applied to a situation where you feel not secured wlaking down a street for fear of thugs, pick-pockets and hooligans. Prostitutes don't do harm lah unless you disturb them (bargain for a price and walk away, making monkey faces at them or take photos of them in business) and their pimps come looking for you.

yg said...

fr, you got me wrong, lah. i was not implying anything. anyway, i am a nato (no action, talk only) man.

fr said...

yg, sorry for misinterpreting you. Haha, I guess most of us are also members of nato.