January 18, 2011

Diao Chan seduces Lu Bu


Linda said...


Thank you so much for sharing. The audio and video quality is good especially the close-up.

I was so moody because I did not attend the show. Now I can watch the video whenever I am online.

fr said...

Just ok lah, I was sitting quite far away.

Linda said...

Were you using a new video cam? It must be a good one to get this type of quality when you took from a distance.

I noticed that this one is much better than those taken in the past.

BTW do you know anything about Chi Chiu Kwan. Is she one of those artistes from China who has settled down here to become a CO tutor?

She is quite good in acting and singing. Perhaps it will better to have tickets for sale if she partners a China artiste in future. We can then buy tickets of our choice.

fr said...

All recent videos were taken with the same video cam which is the standard type. It cannot take videos of HD quality.

I think there are other factors which slightly affect the quality of a video, like the angle from which you take the video or light reflection and light condition.

I do not know much about Chi Chiu Kwan. Whatever I know is gathered from write-ups in magazines.

sunnylau288 said...

This is some of Chi Chiu Kwun information.



Linda said...

Sunny, thank you for the information. I will keep the links to check for future performances.

Having watched this latest video by Chik Chiu Kwun several times, I am of the opinion that she and Wong Wai Kuan can be good partners on stage. It will be great if they perform a full length opera in Singapore in the near future. Singapore artistes can play the supporting roles.

This is just my wild dream, but I hope to see some excitement in the opera scene here.