January 01, 2011


Do you know what FRANCE stands for? - friendship remains and never can end. It was one of the acronyms used by schoolgirls in the olden days. That time there were only real live friends, no Facebook friends.

For that to happen, friendship needs to be nurtured. If you have no contact with each other for a long time, the bond will weaken. I also believe you should not take friends for granted. For example, a word or a gesture of thanks is not redundant when your friend has helped you.

I have a few long-time friends who still send me hard copy of greeting cards with scribbled messages and delivered by the postman. I think it is a case of old habits die hard. Apologetically, I did not send them back any cards.

Here is one from someone who is very proud of the motto of his Alma mater.


Victor said...

I don't know about friendship. I am wondering why there is this irritating pop-up whenever I access your blog. It asks "How in love are you?" (I also don't know the answer to this question.)

Could your blog be infected by a spambot?

fr said...

I don't know, Victor. I don't have this problem with my computer.

I looked up for spambot and blogs but I didn't find information of any help yet.

Victor said...

Frannxis, I think I have found the solution to your "pop-up" problem. (Sorry, it is not called a "spambot".)

Apparently, it is your Cbox on your right side panel that is causing the problem. Please refer to the above link for the solution.

fr said...

Thanks victor, I will be removing the Box.