January 07, 2011

watching shows

Clod - I learned this word from watching a show. If people call you a clod I guess you would be angry. A clod is a lump of mud or earth, or a stupid person.

Husband fans his wife - a Cantonese phrase I learned from watching another show. It means desolate. You see, the wife will feel cool when her husband uses a fan to fan her. 'wife cool' and 'desolate' have the same pronunciation in Cantonese. In Mandarin it is qi liang.

There is a HK drama serial about gambling and casinos. I have watched a few episodes while I was in HK. Later it was shown here on television and I think there were two or three repeat telecasts - the last just ended not long ago. I did not follow them regularly. Somehow I missed one or two episodes towards the end and now I still don't know how one of the main characters died - an effeminate man who is a very good friend of the two protagonists.

I didn't know that for some of you there was an annoying pop-up window when you visited my blog until Victor mentioned it and he also found out what could have caused it. Victor is a very resourceful man. The culprit was the C Box at the right column. I have removed it.

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