August 01, 2011


Last week there was a blackout at my block. It happened some time after eleven at night. If I had gone to bed earlier I would not have known that there was a blackout when I woke up the next morning unless I compare the time of the electric clock with the time of my watch.

Since I was awake, I endured a little inconvenience. But it was OK. I had candles, matches, torch-lights and hand fans. In fact I was not too unhappy with the blackout. I had the chance to play with candles and torchlights, something I enjoyed doing in childhood and during camps in school.

An incident like that reminds us how dependent we are on electricity. Without it, a lot of our appliances cannot function and we cannot charge our gadgets.

I don't have gas, charcoal, firewood, tree bark or a stove in my house. If there is power failure I can't even boil water or cook instant noodles.

I am glad there are always people on standby for emergency when we need them.

It is good to let people experience some inconvenience and hardship once in a while. It is a way of reminding them not to take things for granted.

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