August 28, 2011

嫦娥奔月 - 蔣文端, 白庆贤

I only took the first part of this opera excerpt Chang E flies to the Moon. Unfortunately this clip is marred by people walking in front of my cam. See how many annoying people you can count.


Hayashi said...

Hi! Thanks for sharing,I've been reading your blog for the past few days haha~ Stumbled upon it while finding out about the Chinese Opera scene in SG ^_^

Just wondering, do you know if they allow photography for these performances? Haha,I would really love to capture some beautiful and elegant pictures of them! Or perhaps I should e-mail the association itself to seek permission first... :D
If possible,I would like to go to the backstage as well! xD

By the way,where can I check their upcoming performance dates? >_< Sorry to trouble you!

fr said...

It is usually ok to takes photos during performances by local groups whether during the performance or backstage.

Upcoming performance? I suppose you refer to local groups. You can call them or email them if you know the contact information.

Hayashi said...

Oh I see :D
Thanks for the information!