August 08, 2011

rare surnames and sluggish computer

Recently I attended a performance. Three of the performers have rare surnames. The performers are 练观妹, 香金枝, 巢紫贞. I think these are their real names

The surnames ...

练, lian - to practice or train
香, xiang - fragrant
巢, chao - nest

Rare, right?

Of late my computer has become sluggish. Maybe some parts are getting old and like an old lady, it cannot move fast. Sometimes it takes a few seconds before it responds to clicks or when opening a program. Sometimes it just hangs for minutes.

During the years I have downloaded quite a number of free softwares some of which I rarely use. Maybe this is one reason - the computer gets too clogged up. Just like the blood vessels get clogged and blood cannot flow smoothly. Probably I also downloaded some irksome spy-wares or viruses. I have an anti-virus software but it doesn't seem to be very effective.

Any suggestions how to make the old lady move faster?

8 August is my friend's birthday. It is a day that is easy to remember. He is a teacher and schools celebrate National Day on this day, so he likes to think that the school is celebrating his birthday too.

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