August 22, 2011

The three opera sisters

白雪仙, 白雪紅, 白雪梅 - They are sisters.

This is the legendary 白雪仙. I have never seen her perform opera in person. I have also not seen her opera movies in the cinema. It was only later that I saw her operas on video tapes and VCDs.

This is 白雪梅. I saw her perform only once - on 7 December 1999, at the City Hall Auditorium in Central, Hong Kong. That time she sang a song with Chan Ling Yeok, both singing in the male voice. I have quite a good impression of her.

This is 白雪紅. It was last Saturday that I first saw her perform. When I saw her photo outside the theatre, I thought she looks like one HK hua dan. Don't you think she looks like Ng Mei Ying?

During interval I went backstage to see if she looks like the photo outside the theatre. There she was doing a little warming up - flipping, flapping, flicking and twirling the long sleeves of her white costume. It was her performance after the interval. I think you know from her costume what role she would be doing. Right, it is Madam White Snake.

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Anonymous said...

I like all their singing.