May 04, 2006

Election gossips

Relatively quiet in Macpherson. Some posters and banners here and there. Loudspeakers blaring out messages from pick-ups. Mr Yao Chih came to knock at my door. That’s about all.

Today it was reported Mr Sin Kek Tong said, if elected, he would just pick up Mr Yao’s plan (on upgrading) and see them through. So easy! Maybe the party, if elected to be the government, can just pick up the PM’s plan and see them through.

4 May

Someone suggested something like ‘unemployment insurance’ and another one suggested minimum wage for workers. No details.

Sounds nice, but this is not coffee-shop talk. Are these going to help workers or create jobs opportunities? I wonder if they have given some thoughts to their suggestions. More like they are just appealing to emotions.

I think in countries where there is high unemployment rate and everyone would scramble for any job, a minimum wage may help workers from being exploited. In Singapore, you have people who would rather not work if they don’t get the salary they want. You see, they already have their own minimum wage. Moreover, employers may think thrice before employing an additional worker. He might just distribute the extra work to existing staff.

3 May

Nee Soon Central – Lian Chin Way (36) vs Ong Ah Heng (62)

I think veteran Ong could better serve the residents. Perhaps new-comer Lian could work the ground and come back in 5 years time when Mr Ong would most likely not be contesting.

Sylvia Lim says any patient who chooses to stay in a class C ward should be allowed to do so and enjoy the subsidies.

I feel that patients who are wealthy should not opt for the heavily-subsidized C wards. It may not seem very fair but I think it is more rational.

2 May

At a rally someone grumbled about the GRCs again and said the late Mr S Rajaratnam, our foreign minister in MM Lee's cabinet, got into parliament without the GRC.

I am not sure about the circumstances during Mr Rajaratnam's time. Mr Rajaratnam was extraordinary. Now if you put 2 equally qualified candidates, one chinese and one of the minority race, in a SRC I am sure the chinese will win (and even if the chinese is less qualified than the other). The government foresaw this danger and so introduced the GRC.

1 May

Full time MP?

If an MP can run his constituency efficiently, it is okay for him to have another job. In fact it gives him a better understanding of things, for example jobs prospect. It would also be a waste if he gives up a job which has talent in or he specializes in.

30 April

Chiam See Tong said that if he were an NCMP he could not serve the residents as he would have no constituency to look after.

Why not? Sitoh Yih Pin has been doing that and he is not even an NCMP.

James Gomes said that he handed in the form but actually did not.

Now, if his movements have not been taped he could have insisted that he submitted the form. Then he could even accuse the election department of negligence or the government of trying to disqualify his Aljunied team.

29 April

In the news report about election rallies, Ling How Doong, former one-term MP, says “Don’t talk about the future, talk about the present.”

Like he is talking to terminally-ill patients or that Singapore has no future.

How can? Talk about both lah, the present as well as the future.

Sylvia Lim said George Yeo, foreign minister, is very good at negotiating FTAs. That makes him busy traveling overseas and so he has little time for residents.

This shows he is a good foreign minister. The residents in his constituency will also directly or indirectly benefit from the FTAs. That also shows one advantage of GRC – members can help out each other.


Kongming said...

Foreign minister is BG (NS) George Yang Rong Wen...

fr said...

Thank you, typing error. I will change to George Yeo.

Victor said...

Frannxis, wah now you elections reporter ah? Got day-by-day account some more. Erm... since reporter's work must be accurate, hope you don't mind me asking - what's SRC? Singapore Recreation Club ah? Or Single Representative Constituency? I thought they used the term SMC - Single Member Constituency?

And I do remember... that forgetful person's name is Gomez :).

fr said...

You are right, Vic. It is SMC, it is Gomez. Hahaha...I think you make a good candidate too.

Lam Chun See said...

Aiyah, Victor, its 12.22 AM, and people make honest mistakes. Don't little bit only pounce on small mistakes; and keep on harping on it over and over and over again. People hear already also feel xian. It shows you have run out of ideas to talk about.

Chris Sim said...

Victor Victor, I can understand if you are always pointing out my typo errors because that's the only way you could get back at me for always "chakking" you. But pls lah, give Frannix a break can? He's doing his job to feed us all the General Election gossips. U so free always point out people's mistake, why not go to the rallies and gather more gossips for us?

Thanks Frannxis for those "juicy" news hor. :))

Kongming said...

there r ppl who dont even know of these gossips...

Victor said...

I noticed the icon of a person in a wheelchair beside your word verification box for comments. Cool.

When I move my mouse pointer over it, a pop-up says "Listen and type the numbers you hear". I suppose that this feature is to make it friendly for the visually impaired.

But I was thinking, even if finding the icon is not a problem, how is a visually impaired person going to read your blog in the first place if the fonts used in the post are so much smaller than the scrambled letters?

Oops, Chun See is going to say that I have run out of topic to say again. Better stop rambling.

Kongming said...

actually min wages is good in 1 way. but it will increase e expenses of companies. Eg. a sales person is paid say... $900/mth w cpf. but the min is set at $1,000.

For new companies, it will create a stress to the directors. But like wat the candidate said if no min is set, wat he earn will be his expenses, no saving.

Anonymous said...