June 11, 2007


This was the opera by the Hong Dou Cantonese Opera Troupe on the opening night of its 10-day-performance at the Kreta Ayer People's Theatre.

This is a nice simple story with clear-cut good and bad characters, which is characteristic of most chinese operas. There are no sly scheming characters.

Aw Kai Meng, the lead sheng, is the strong manly type with a matching strong voice. He is particularly suitable for roles like Zhao Zi Long and Wu Song. But Aw Kai Meng is a good actor, he performs well in other roles too.

Zeng Wai was the lead hua dan. Previously I have written quite a lot about her already. So I have nothing much to add except that I am glad she has slimmed down.

This is Aw Kai Meng.....


sam said...

Hi Frannxis,
I learnt about your blog from another site. Its informative and interesting.
I went with my wife on sunday to the KAPT to see the opera.
I am not an expert in cantonese opera, although I enjoyed it. My mandarin is weak too.
I thought the performaers were very good although I would have enjoyed more if they had a comedy script instead of all martial related stories.
I also think that they adjusted too high on the high notes(treble) on their amplification system. Its a pity.
The guy who played the er-hu seems like very good.
Of all the male singers, who would be rated the best?
Of the ladies, I thought the one who acted as Sun mother was quite good.
I maybe mistaken, but I thought some of the performers run out of breadth on a few occasions.
Who would you rank the best male singer of all!!
Best regards

fr said...

I wouldn't rate any male singer the best as I feel there was no outstanding one.

The 'erhu player' is a well-known one. Actually he was playing the gaohu.

I do find the sound amplification a bit too loud.