June 05, 2007

Pasar Theatre (街头看戏乐)

These street shows are part of the Outreach programmes in the Singapore Arts Festival 2007. It was held at the open space in front of the People's Park Food Centre from 2 to 5pm, 2 & 3 June. There were also shows held at other venues.

Inside the make-up tent...

The performers of the first two items, the drummers and percussion group, bore the brunt of the scorching afternoon heat. After 4pm it was slightly better but it was still hot and humid. When the cantonese opera came on I saw the two shengs occasionally soaking up the sweat on the side of their faces. But the dan seemed ok; like she was not affected by the heat and humidity.

The opera was performed by Chan Fook Hong, Chow Chun Hong and Wong Mei Ling. Mei Ling is the leader of the Eunos CC Cantonese Opera Group. This was the first time I saw her do a comic role. I think she did the role well, amusing the crowds with her antics and comical gestures.

Chan Fook Hong and Wong Mei Ling...

This is Mei Ling.....

See this girl with advertising boards on her body. I saw this form of advertising at several places in Hong Kong but you don't often see this here.

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