June 10, 2007

at Kreta Ayer People's Theatre

These people were queuing up to buy tickets for the cantonese opera shows currently on at KAPT. The Q was not long but was moving slowly because opera fans are quite picky.

Some aunties in the Q took quite long to choose their seats, a few discussing with their friends hanging around and one called up her friend to ask if she wanted other seats as the seats they had wanted were not available. Shouldn't this be expected and decided before she queued?

Then got one lady came back and wanted to change seats because she said the seats were 'not good'. Sorry, the ticket girl said, cannot. Right, I say, cannot entertain such things.

Don't be surprised you have to wait for 30 min even if you are no 10 in the Q.

These are some of the 'flower stands' sent by fans and well-wishers. Anyone knows if there is any word for these 'flower stands' or how much one cost.


Victor said...

I think they are called "standing bouquets". They probably cost from $100 to $150 or more, depending on the number and types of flowers chosen for the bouquet. Standing bouquets are available for sympathy occasions, e.g. funerals as well as for congratulatory occasions, e.g. opening of new shops and of course, wayang shows.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Victor for the information.