June 30, 2007

Plain stars

You see them on stage as prince, princess, warrior, scholar, beauty, dancer, maid, soldier.... Here you see them as you would see them on the street. Pictures taken at Kreta Ayer People's Theatre in June 2007. From top:
1.曾慧 2.歐凱明 3.黄伟坤 4.姚志強 5.郑咏梅 6.赵震宇(男花旦) 7.楊芬 8.洪林富


Anonymous said...

Hi Frannixs,
Seems like you missed out on the ladies.
Anyway I wonder if you know that tonight on channel 8 (1/7) there ia a show on 8 children learning the cantonese opera at 2230hr.

Anonymous said...

Now I know after you tell me. Thanks.

I didn't purposely go and look for them to take photos. I met them outside the theatre or at backstage. Those inside the room with the door closed, I cannot take.