May 13, 2008

Dirty jobs

Recently there was a report about old people cleaning toilets. I feel it is ok if the people themselves want to work and do not mind.

I remember quite long ago there was a Use Your Hands Campaign. It was was started because people did not want to do jobs that dirtied their hands. As with many campaigns it had to start with the young and schools had to take the lead.

So schools had their own campaigns in which students cleaned up their classrooms at the end of every term and in some schools, classes were scheduled to clean toilets and pick up litter in the school compound.

Today the situation is very much the same. People are still reluctant to dirty their hands.

And in the news today - it is difficult to get bus drivers. It won't dirty your hands but it is long tiring work and includes shift duties. It was reported our bus companies are short of 200 drivers and of the hired drivers, only about 25% are Singapore citizens. I think they will have to hire more foreigners.

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