May 19, 2008

Miscellaneous thoughts

A man was fined $1000 for feeding monkeys. Originally it was $4000 but it was reduced on appeal. I don't think $1000 is too harsh.

A school discipline master used to say 'education and punishment are complementary'. He means you can teach and counsel students but must punish them too.

Similar we can educate and advise people, tell them not to drink drive, not to breed mosquitoes, not to feed monkeys, etc. After that action must also be taken.

I don't believe in just educating and counselling.

What I think of .....

Off-day for maids - Give them at least an off-day every fortnight.

Escape of JI man - No need for DPM Wong to step down.

One more thing,
Heard of this argument "If 18 is old (or mature or whatever) enough to do NS, they should be allowed to vote or do this or that." ?

I don't quite agree with this logic. Anyone wants to convince me?

If the age for NS call-up were 16 and not 18, then I suppose we can't use this argument. I think 16-year-olds are also 'old enough' to be trained to use weapons and defend the country and fight in a war.

So, it doesn't mean just because you do NS you could do this or that.


Lam Chun See said...

I think $1000 is too harsh. It is the lazy way out. Instead of working harder to catch more of them, they simply increase the panalty to deter offenders. Same for littering problem.

Lam Chun See said...

Frannxis. I have question which I think only you can answer. They are showing the wuxia series Pek Huit Kim (Blood Stained Sword) in Channel U. I seem to recall seeing a black and white Cantonese version many years ago.Probably 50's. Like the Lord of The Rings, they had several episodes that came out a few months apart. I remember seeing about 3 episodes and then suddenly no more. Can you remember. How nice if I can see it again now. I remember the actress' name has 2 characters.

Any idea what I am referring to?

fr said...

CS, I know what show you are referring to on channel u, but I don't remember seeing this show when I was young.

But I remember another show called Pek Huit Kum Chai and as you said it came in 3 or 4 'chapters' or episodes over several months.

I can't remember the main actress. I think it was Yu So Chau or Suet Lei.

Lam Chun See said...

I don't think it was Pek Huit Kum Chai. That one starred Cheong Ying Choi I think.

fr said...

Haha you still remember - you are right. It was Cheong Ying Choi. Yes, Pek Huit Kum Chai is a different story from Pek Huit Kim.

Lam Chun See said...

Frannxis. I suddenly recalled that the male lead for 碧血剑 was Cho Tat Wah and then I did a search and found the movie. But I remembered the female actress' name wrongly. Her name has 4 characters, not 2.

Test you and your readers' knowledge of old Cantoneses movies (the golden era). Do you know this lady's name? Give you a hint .... surname is Sheong Kun.

Here the website for 碧血剑.

fr said...

The movie is very old. I have not seen it.

I only recall one Sheong Kun Ling Fung but she acted in mandarin films, not cantonese.

Lam Chun See said...

Ans: Sheon Kun Kwan Wai.

fr said...

Now to think of it, I have heard of her. But, unlike the popular ones like Yu So Chau and Siew Fong Fong, I can't remember how she looked.