May 06, 2008

Money not enough

The other day, at a supermarket.......

A cute little girl took an ice-cream from the small freezer near the exit. After that she toddled to the cashier at the counter nearby, raised her little hand and offered the cashier a one-dollar coin.

"Not enough. One thirty," the amused cashier said in English.
The little girl did not seem to understand.

1 30, the cashier repeated, 1 30.
Still the little one shook her head.

At this instance,
a kind uncle who was delivering goods to the supermarket went to the girl, squatted down and explained to her. Whether she understood or not I don't know. In the end she toddled away, haha, probably going to look for her ice-cream at another shop.

1 comment:

Victor said...

That is perfectly understandable. With rapidly rising prices nowadays, sometimes I find that I also don't have enough money to pay the cashier.