May 12, 2008

Free money

The day after Labour Day I was walking along some shops when I saw a long queue snaking out from an OCBC Bank into the hot sun outside. Unusual. Why so many people? I asked the bank girl on duty outside. She said they came to withdraw the bonus the Government had given out.

I see. But why couldn't wait a few days. Then no need to wait so long. Or maybe they needed the money desperately.

When the Government first gave out free money about 2 years ago, I remember reading a blog post in which the writer said he was not happy with the way the money was given out because some people he knew got more than he did and he felt they did not deserve it.

I think he would rather the Government not give out money or just give to those who really need it and not to everyone.

This man has a wife and kids, lives in a private house and drives a car. So we can assume he was quite well-to-do and happy with his life and then the Government gave out money and made him unhappy.

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Victor said...

I am always happy when the Government gives me money. You see, you can only be happy for a short while, because the Government will take it back eventually by other means. In fact, it is not very wrong to say that they are actually paying you with your own money (taxpayers' money). So why make yourself unhappy?

It is difficult for the Government to determine who needs the money and who don't. Administratively, it is much easier for anyone who doesn't need or want the money to donate it to a charity of his/her own choice.