May 21, 2008


Talking about the school discipline master... Although he punishes pupils, he is also one of the most respected teachers in many secondary schools.

There was one DM who was quite a joker. One day a lady teacher who got her driving license not long ago was driving her new car cautiously at a very slow speed into the driveway in the school compound. Pupils had gathered in the field on one side of the driveway waiting for the flag-raising ceremony which would start in about 5 minutes.

The DM was crossing the driveway. When he saw the car approaching him, he pretended to be very alarmed and quickly jumped out of the way. Hahaha, as if he was so scared of new female drivers.

He was very comical. Everyone was giggling or grinning away.

Notice: I was informed that some cantonese opera artists are organizing a show to raise fund in aid of the earthquake victims in China - on 3 June 2008 at the Kreta Ayer People's Theatre. Anyone with more information, please post it at the comments.

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