November 12, 2008


My old TV set has been giving problems for months. The images look like over-exposed photos and once in a while the screen blacks out for a few seconds with only the sound on. It has been repaired before and the warranty period is over. I was waiting for it conk out completely before getting a new one. But it is very stubborn, continuing to annoy us this way.

Last week SM Goh said people who are little affected by the recession and who are not likely to be retrenched should continue to spend normally. If everyone doesn't want to spend, the economy will get worse. More people will lose their jobs. That is the reason for China's 4 trillion yuan stimulus package. One trillion has 12 zeroes.

Hee hee, I have decided to spend money on a new TV set. From now till Lunar New Year there will be lots of promotions, sales and free gifts. This festive period is a good time to look around; I think MD would agree. I will also be looking for a portable DVD player, clothing and shoes, VCDs ...

See, I'm helping to stimulate the economy and save jobs. Hahaha.

But you must not be extravagant; just spend on what you need and on your little pleasures like watching opera shows and eating at your favourite restaurant. Remember to save some money also.



Lam Chun See said...

Now is a good time to buy becos prices have come down so much. I bought my 32 inch LCD about 2 years ago and it cost more than 3k. Before that it was even higher. Now shd be much cheaper. If I had a choice I would have waited a few more months at least; but my old tv konked out.

Victor said...

There is SITEX coming up at the Singapore Expo in slightly over one week's time. A 32-inch HD-ready TV (resolution 1366 x 768)costs only about $700 now (brands like Samsung, LG, Sharp, Sony, Toshiba, Hitachi, Philips, etc.)

BTW, I am just being curious - who is "MD"? Mother-daughter? Or did you mean SM (Goh)?

Victor said...

"The images look like over-exposed photos..."

It looks like your TV has been infected by your camera. Haha.

fr said...

Thanks. I have just bought a Panasonic 32", just below $1000. Anyway I'll look out for other things.

Haha, no, MD is my blogger friend Ming De.