November 18, 2008


After reading the interview with the DBS chief, I have this thought.

You see, LB was 20 times bigger than DBS. You put your money in DBS because you believe it is safe. With something well-known and 20 times bigger surely it is more safe.

If at that time someone told you 'save, no risks', it is logical, right?

Some people might have thought this way too, so they invested.

Just heard the news that some town councils also bought LB-linked investments. See, they also thought it was safe.


Victor said...

I may be wrong but I think nobody knew LB was not safe before Sep 2008, except LB itself.

Anonymous said...

If seller and buyer also believed safe and investors lured by the 5% profit, then there was no mis-selling. Go to court, investors also lose.