November 28, 2008


A month or two ago I wrote a post 'beer girls' but no pictures. I went to the Food Centre again recently. So I took a photo to show you. Luckily they didn't throw a beer bottle at me.

Here are two hard-working decent beer girls. You know why some people have that curious look on their faces? Because a group of beer-drinking men at a table suddenly broke out into a song. I think they were very happy about something or celebrating something.


Victor said...

So did you buy a beer in exchange for taking their photo? If you don't drink, next time you can use a mobile phone with camera. Just pretend that you are texting and then snap! (Be very sure to switch off the camera sound and camera flash, if there is one.)

Even more saucy photos can be taken that way. Not that I have tried though.

fr said...

I didn't drink beer, I ate fried kway teow. I think they didn't mind, but I didn't use flash.