November 06, 2008


I mentioned that if I want to buy a camera I prefer Panasonic or Sony. Same for TV sets. For computer my preference is HP. My first computer was a Datamini, the present one is HP. But it doesn't mean I don't look at or buy other brands.

Haha, don't be mistaken. I am not making recommendations. I am not saying that these are better than other brands. It is just personal preferences.

But I think the following are some reasons why people prefer certain brands:
1. Because of their own experiences

2. What they heard from friends and others or read from reviews

3. Influenced by advertisements
4. The country of manufacture
is important to them

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Victor said...

Most of the former Japanese brands of electronic products are now made in countries like China, Taiwan, India, S Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, etc where overheads costs like land, energy and labour are cheaper. Even if they proclaim to be "Made in Japan", many of the parts within are made in other countries. This is true of a PC.