November 16, 2008


I have several warranty cards but I couldn't remember where I put them. There were cases I didn't even send back the manufacturer's portions but these were usually cheaper items like cooker.

Last week I found the card for the Casio camera, the one that had a bad fall. The agent's warranty period is over but I forgot that I paid for the extended warranty by Harvey Norman, the shop where I bought the camera. It is for another two years.

So I took it for repair at Casio's outlet at IOI Plaza. First time I visited this plaza. It is in Middle Road. There is nothing to see. It is not a shopping centre. At the small ground floor there was a counter, security counter I suppose, with a man sitting behind. But he seemed to be preoccupied with something on his desk the few times I was there.

The cost of repairs is about one-third the price of the camera or about four times the price of the extended warranty.

Here is a little question to stimulate your mind:
How many times is the price of the camera compared to the price for the extended warranty?


Victor said...

Good for you, Frannxis. But better not let them know that you dropped the camera - it is not covered under the warranty (even the original one, not to mention the extended one).

I think the answer to your last question is 12 times (=3x4), am I right? (Hmm... please tell me why do I get a strange feeling that you were once a Maths teacher?)

Anonymous said...

The girl didn't ask if I had dropped it, so I didn't tell her.

12 is correct. Yes, I have taught Maths.