February 26, 2009

40x10 - 50x8 = 24

I usually fill up the petrol tank when the indicator is still above the one quarter mark. So I normally buy $30 or $40 of petrol. A few days ago, it was below one-quarter, so I bought $50. There was the usual 5% discount which would mean I had to pay $47.50. But I paid only $44.50. The cashier said there was extra $3 off for every $50 purchase.

Haha, that means I have been paying extra money. Suppose in the past two months I bought $400 ($40 x 10). If I had bought $50 x 8 instead I would have saved $24, right?

I just read the post about The Kacang Puteh Man. Then I remember I also took a picture of him. A few months ago I sent the Casio camera for repair at Middle Road. After that I walked to Selegie Road to take a bus and saw this KPM just behind the bus-stop.

A nurse's tale
Do you know what some people put into their backside, let this nurse tell you: http://www.nursestale.com/2009/02/bum.html

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