February 22, 2009

Nice to eat

Yesterday I ate this chwee kueh (according to the name on the signboard). I've not eaten this for quite some time already. Nice to eat. I think the cantonese call it 'put chye ko'. Just like chee cheong fun, this is very simple stuff - just a piece of rice-cake with some salty chinese vegetable on top.

I read a post in which the writer said he froze some bananas and then ate them. I found that I still I had two bananas. So I ate one and put one (with skin removed) in the freezer. This is the banana after spending one night in the freezer. Cold and hard. I cut it into pieces with a knife and ate them. Not bad, but I won't purposely eat bananas that way. Here is the post: http://eatandtrain.blogspot.com/2009/02/frozen-bananas.html


yg said...

fr, chwee kueh has been around for a long time. i remember long ago, when my neighbour made chwee kueh to sell, he used the small clay cups. later, he switched to using aluminium cups. today, they use plastic cups. the topping is actually preserved radish (chai poh).

fr said...

I remember seeing the seller scoping out the cakes from clay cups.

There are no stalls selling this in my estate. I ate that in Chinatown.

Lam Chun See said...

I remember the 'klek-klek' sound that the clay cups make when stacked. The also use a wooden 'spoon' to scoop the chwee kueh.

Fr, your chwee kueh looks very healthy. So little oil.

Lam Chun See said...

I notice they gave you chopsticks and spoon. I have eaten at a stall in Bishan where they give you a stick (like satay stick) and expect you to eat with it!