February 13, 2009

Follow instructions

I was about to pull the handle of the door when I saw the notice stuck on the door - Please do not enter after 7 pm. I looked at the time; it was about 7.20 pm. The performers must be busy preparing for their show, I thought. So I did not enter.

I read a post which says people don't follow instructions.

I realized that I usually follow instructions.

If it says Don't click this button, 8 out of 10 instances I won't. If it says Put mee (cooking instant mee) in boiling water and simmer for 4 minutes, I will look at the clock and time it for about 4 minutes.

Does it means I am conservative and don't like to take risks? Well, if people think like that, it is ok with me.

People have both positive as well as negative characteristics, but I think even negative ones can have their positive side too. Stingy, for example, is negative but it has its positive side too. I'm sure you agree with me.


Victor said...

I was just wondering about the 2 out of 10 times when you defied the instruction not to click on a button. What happened then? Did you cave in to your curiosity or did you accidentally do it without reading the instruction? (I thought that people would normally either comply 100% or defy 100%.)

fr said...

Normally I won't click. I remember once there was something like Don't click ... if..... It was some image that was suppose to shock you.