February 18, 2009

Around my neighbourhood

The handphone generation. Old age must be far from their mind, but just a few metres behind them...

Old age, an inevitability of life. Nowadays I seem to see these old folks more often, the old folks reminiscing while their maids chatter among themselves.

I also see this van often. It looks like it has gone through a lot a battles, with dents and scars all over the front and sides. A careless driver? I think someone with a brand new car would think twice whether to park beside it.


Victor said...

Growing old is a harsh eventuality
But those who arrive are lucky
Not all reach a ripe old age
Some leave life at an early stage

Even inanimate objects have a lifespan
Yes, everything including a van
So make the most of what we still have yet
And live this life without any regret

Anonymous said...

leaving life at an early stage
may be better than
rotting and burdening others

sorry, I don't know how to make the lines rhyme