July 02, 2007

PM on a Tiger

PM Lee on a Tiger Airways flight to Hanoi. Picture from Tiger Tales, in-flight magazine, May/June/July issue.

About 10 years ago, after the plane had landed and was taxiing on the runway, you could see people getting up and trying to get down their luggage. Nowadays you don't see this anymore. Maybe people are more experienced.

Somehow I thought
of the first time I tried to get off a moving bus before it stopped completely at the bus-stop. At that time the buses had no doors. I fell and my schoolbag also dropped down and some books fell out. Luckily I had only some bruises, nothing serious.

Soon I learnt that you have to run forward a short distance to ease off the momentum. How fast and how far you run depends on the speed of the bus. This is something to do with Newton's law about a body in motion.

Later I could do that quite well and I quite enjoyed this little 'thrill'.


Victor said...

More than 2 decades ago, I was in Medan, Indonesia for a visit. The way that the passengers there rode on their buses really made my hair stood on end. Some of them were sitting on top of the moving bus! And there were 2 guys standing on the lowest step and hanging onto the handle bars at the door. More than half of their bodies were outside of the moving bus, as if they were enjoying the breeze. At every stop, they had to get down and let passengers alight.

I don't think the situation has improved much today.

Anonymous said...

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