July 16, 2007

Dr Goh Keng Swee

I think it was in the mid 80s. It was Dr Goh who thought teachers' pay were too low and unattractive for such an important and stressful job. So he revised teachers salaries. Not just a few dollars or just for starting pay. He revamped the salary scales across the board making teaching more attractive. It boosted teachers' morale and thickened their wallets. So teachers are very grateful to Dr Goh.

He also felt that at that time civil servants were using pompous and flowery language in their correspondence. So he recommended them read the book 'The Complete Plain Word'.

This photo shows Dr Goh, then MP for Kreta Ayer, receiving a cheque from a cantonese opera artiste at a fund-raising show at Kreta Ayer People's Theatre.

小曲 - 浪子心声


Victor said...

At first, I thought you were going to say that teachers were paid too little and so a lot of them became opera artistes. Haha.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha...not opera artistes but I knew some who taught at the night classes meant for adults, giving tuition was aslo common.