July 15, 2007

Traffic offence

Almost forgot about this.....

One night, I think at least 10 months ago, I stopped at a police road block. I think they were looking out for drink drivers. Die, I thought, too late.

No, I didn't drink; only too late to put on the seat belt. The officer came to my side, looked in and was quick to notice this. He recorded my particulars and mentioned something about demerit points. I expected the TP to send me an offence notification. But till now I have not heard anything from them. I wonder if they have dropped the case since I have no other offence in their record or maybe they don't send notifications.

Does anyone know the penalties for (the driver) not wearing seat belts?


Kongming said...

$120 fine for each passenger who is not belted up.

The driver will be fined $120 and given 3 demerit points for failing to ensure that his passenger is belted up.

If the driver is not belted up, he/she will be fined $120 and given 3 demerit points.

hm... not sure if got GST or not?...

fr said...

Thanks MD, this looks quite a serious offence. Glad I have been spared.
I think this is not considered goods or service, so no GST.

Victor said...

Don't worry Frannxis. Nowadays, TP can be quite compassionate, sometimes.