July 19, 2007

A leaf from Singapore's Chinese opera history....

1996, Clarke Quay - Chinese Theatre Circle, probably in collaboration with STPB, started the weekly presentation of traditional chinese opera at Clarke Quay. It was accompanied by a live orchestra. The performers did their make-up at the open space in front of the stage. They also changed into their costumes on stage for everyone to see. The opera excerpts attracted local fans as well as tourists.

This is Lou Mee Wah, now the instructor and chief of the Tanjong Pagar CC cantonese opera group, helping a performer with her costume.

The two artistes posing with a tourist were Richard Lee Kim Seng and Jasmine Cheung Seok Lin.

The excitement of a live street opera performance. A scene frozen in time.
I felt it was a good idea. It could also include other local groups as well as other operas like Li Yuan Xi, Hokkien opera, Yue opera, etc.

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fmchan said...

I attended those life performances during those period when my children were very young. They enjoyed the colorful costumes and loud musics put up by the opera troupes then.
But this didn't last for long and disappearing ever since.
Just wonder when will the next site be....