November 08, 2007

Chinese characters?

Hello, does anyone know why my computer cannot display certain Chinese characters. This one, for instance...

or this, look at ????? in the last line.

and this:

All the examples are from Melanie's blog.


Victor said...

Could it be something with Melanie's blog instead since it seems like your Chinese posting is ok?

If you can give me Melanie's blog address, I can go take a look and see if I encounter the same problem.

fr said...

Thanks Vic, but her blog is locked meaning you have to be a member of Xanga to access it. Anyway it is:

Not always cannot read the chinese characters, occasionally can.

Victor said...

I signed up and accessed her blog. One of her comments was gibberish too. So could it be a problem with her settings? (Please see screen capture here.)

Victor said...

Okay, I managed to display Melanie's gibberish comments properly. If you are using Internet Explorer as your browser, click on View > Encoding > Chinese Traditional (Big 5). I managed to display her comments as follows:


It is probably the way she did her Chinese input - maybe she didn't use a consistent method.

fr said...

Thanks a lot; probably you are right. Haha, I didn't expect you to really spare no effect in finding the answer.